About Us

Our goal is to promote your health, vitality, and well-being by supporting your bodies innate healing ability.  We help you build the foundations of good health by promoting optimal nutrition, mind-body awareness, and holistic treatment to guide and support your ability to heal.


Here are some of the reasons that set us apart:

  • Choice - we blend the best of traditional and conventional medicine to meet your health and lifestyle goals
  • Education - we believe in sharing information and decision making with our patients
  • Simplicity - we avoid complicated testing and treatment protocols as much as possible
  • Professionalism - patients are treated with respect, compassion, and understanding
  • Collaboration - we want to work with your other health care providers to ensure you are receiving the best care possible


Need more information?

We would love to hear from you and welcome your questions at 250-352-3150.  If you are looking for more information about naturopathic medicine in general, we encourage you to visit the following professional resources: