Our Services


Naturopathic Medicine is based on treating the whole person.  This includes the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of health.


Naturopathic Primary Health Care


Naturopathic physicians are trained as primary health care providers.  This means we are trained to treat a range of health concerns that occur from pre-conception to end of life.  We work with people who want to promote health and prevent disease, who are experiencing bewildering symptoms that haven't responded to conventional health care, and who are experiencing severe or chronic illness. 


Laboratory testing


Laboratory testing is available only to patients, or to individuals who provide a written request from a licenced health care provider whose scope of practice provides the ability to interpret and respond to the test requested. 



Dispensary (only available to patients)

  • Nutritional supplements
  • Botanical tinctures and teas
  • Complex and simple homeopathic remedies


Physical Therapies

  • Laser Acupuncture
  • Cold Laser/Low Level Light Therapy
  • Somatic Energy Therapy

Customized Holistic Nutrition Services

Offered by Stephanie Moss of LifeFlow 


The Holistic Nutrition approach utilizes nutrient-rich whole foods, whole food supplements (if required), and lifestyle modification (sleep hygiene, stress management, exercise/movement). Stephanie offers:

  • In-depth health and lifestyle assessment
  • Customized Holistic Nutrition plans to meet your individual needs, address your specific health concerns, and help you reach better health and wellbeing.


​Areas of specializations include:


Chronic disease/illness

Those living with chronic conditions or illness may have increased metabolic and energy demands, challenged immune systems/detoxification pathways, increased oxidative stress and systemic inflammation. A comprehensive Holistic Nutrition plan with a focus on adequate clean protein, nutrient density, antioxidant foods, specific whole food supplements and supportive lifestyle recommendations can support the stressed and overburden system of those living with chronic conditions or illness.


Gut repair and rebalancing

Maintaining a healthy microbiome (bacteria within our digestive system) not only assists with nutrient absorption, but studies show that it directly affects our immune system, provides protection from bacterial infection, produces certain vitamins and controls brain function and hormone regulation. When working with clients who are focusing on gut repair and rebalancing, an in-depth health and lifestyle assessment is important to determine current health status, medication use and current digestive capabilities.  A Holistic Nutrition plan for digestive health includes, complete food lists (supportive foods and foods to avoid), meal planning, food rhythm (using your natural circadian rhythm to support and optimize digestion), whole food supplementation as required and lifestyle modifications (stress management, sleep hygiene and movement/exercise).


Senior nutrition

Seniors and those entering the later years of their lives have unique and evolving health challenges. Health problems associated with aging may include changes in bowel patterns, diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cognitive changes, sleep pattern changes, and a general decrease in mobility.  Holistic Nutrition is a great way to support us during this phase of our life by helping maintain a healthy body weight, restore energy levels, and ensure we are receiving the right micro/macro nutrient balance.


Food habits and food relationships

I am very passionate about helping clients find ways to connect with foods and develop or re-establish healthy habits/rituals around eating.  I want my clients to feel good about what and how they eat, relieving and freeing themselves of the ‘dieting’ mentality.  I customize Holistic Nutrition plans specifically designed to meet your individual needs with an emphasis on intuitive eating practices.  My goal is to empower my clients to make healthy food and lifestyle choices, plan and make delicious meals and enjoy every bite along the way.  (Please note, working with a diagnosed eating disorder is beyond my scope, please seek a professional who specializes in this area).


Female hormone balance and regulation

I believe Holistic Nutrition is wonderfully supportive and nourishing for women, especially those experiencing PMS related symptoms (physical or emotional), irregular, painful or heavy periods, and for those needing support with perimenopausal or menopausal symptoms.  Holistic Nutrition plans for hormone balance and regulation focus on insulin and blood glucose regulation, food and lifestyle modifications for energy renew, detoxification pathways, thyroid and HPA axis function as well as important lifestyle modifications (stress management, sleep, and exercise/movement).


Pre-natal nutrition

Nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices are key throughout your entire pregnancy, but certain nutrients play an essential role in each trimester.  The Holistic Nutrition approach to pregnancy is a great way to ensure you and your growing babe get everything you/they need.  I customize a Holistic Nutrition plan with a focus on nutrient-dense foods, maternal digestive health, food rhythm (to maintain and balance hormones and blood sugar levels) and nutrient/supplement intake appropriate for your trimester. Lifestyle considerations are also incorporated with an emphasis on exercise and movement (as tolerated by you), and sleep and rest (for blood pressure and blood sugar regulation).


Stephanie shares space with us at Full Circle Family Health Care and operates as an independent business. If you'd like to book her services, please contact her directly by visiting www.lifeflow.ca or steph@lifeflow.ca.